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Jenny Patricia, a Venezuelan psychologist, nutrionist and personal trainer, was born and raised among beautiful women, enjoying the pleasures of good eating and practicing sports.  Both her mother, Jeanette Kopp and her aunt Peggy Kopp won the title of Miss  Venezuela , setting  forth  the concept of an ideal type of woman, one  who knows how to combine her profession with her family life and personal care.   On the other hand, her father, a full blooded Italian man, took care of teaching her that food is the basic pleasure of life. “Spaghetti and Venezuelan food were a daily combination at my home. We ate   everything! But of course, having two beauty queens so close, to be in form was also part of the routine,” explains Patrizia. 

Sports were also vital in the life of this Venezuelan woman, especially swimming. “I was not the classic Venezuelan girl who grows up thinking of becoming a beauty queen. My style was closer to a tomboy,” she recalls. Still, when she turned 12 her family moved to Miami, Fl. Two years later they went to  Los Angeles to live, where Jenny began modeling.

Challenging her friends at a game, Jenny competed for the title of Miss California. Her stunning figure, dainty features, and above all, her spontaneity, summed up, surprising her and winning the crown.  “My plans were far away from it! But everything that I learned during the contest,  knowing at close the obsession of some girls to win, the lack of self-esteem, and the extremes at which some women go in order to look beautiful, provoked interest in my  present career.”

It was during her modeling years that Jenny Patrizia  obtained  the experience that changed her life forever. “During that time of my life one of my best friends became anorexic. I saw that she didn’t eat. She was obsessed with loosing weight and refused to eat. I spoke to her mother, but we couldn’t do a thing. She died and that affected me terribly.” From that moment on, Patrizia decided to do research and learned  what to do in order to stay in shape. She also learned eating was as pleasant as good sex.

Jenny Patrizia has merged her career in Psychology with specialties in Human Sexuality,  Nutrition and Personal Training, changing the concept about boring diets into an attractive way of living. “I know what women suffer in order to stay in form, because I’ve gone through it. After two high risk pregnancies during which I gained,  96 to 84 pounds respectively, I  became aware of how terrible we feel when we look at our deformed bodies,  thinking that we will never be able to reach our ideal weight,” explains.

A fan of aphrodisiac food, her first encounter with nutrition was with foods that not only increase your libido but that also help to burn calories and give you an energy boost. “Good chocolate, strawberries and cinnamon can do more for you than you can even imagine. It’s not about prohibiting foods. To be on a diet doesn’t have to be a sacrifice. When someone is on a diet not  only you sacrifice food, dieting also affects the social and familiar ambiance that surrounds you . Food is not only nourishing, it is also a  pleasure , it is  a form of expression,” she stresses.

Today,  Jenny  Patrizia’s  theory about nutrition has turned out to be a great success. She has launched two books  simultaneously,  into the Hispanic and Anglo American markets. These books  are dedicated to improve nutrition, loose weight and increase the sexual drive. “69 Quickie Meals” was released on  June 15—in English. At the end of the same month,   “Coma Sexy, Pierda  Peso,” was released  in Spanish. Both books revolutionize everything we know as far as diets and total beauty.

The erotic advice about nutrition that Jenny Patrizia  offers  through her four radio programs have turned her into a celebrity.  “Sexy Food, Sexy Body” ,” Playing with my Food,”  “Double Dip”  and “Second Helpings”  have reached the number 13 spot in the most listened Internet radio shows at an international level, measured  in the United States and 105 other countries.

Jenny Patrizia has been able to develop a formula to avoid sacrificing health in exchange of beauty , turning  food into a lethal weapon that wakes up  the wild sexual animal we all have inside. 


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