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19-year-old singer De la Torre debuts with the emotional ballad “No Te Entiendo”

The intensely crafted pop song, written by Descemer Bueno (author of Enrique Iglesias/Juan Luis Guerra hit “Cuando Me Enamoro”) and piano virtuoso Michelle Fragoso, comes to life in a video performance by De La Torre, directed by Latin Grammy nominee X Alfonso

Nineteen-year-old De la Torre is an artist to watch in a new era of Latino music. De la Torre makes his debut with the introspective ballad “No Te Entiendo,” demonstrating the emotion and phrasing of a vocal talent beyond his years. 

The intensely-crafted pop song was written by Descemer Bueno (author of Enrique Iglesias/Juan Luis Guerra hit “Cuando Me Enamoro”) and piano virtuoso Michelle Fragoso. With the dramatic delivery of a young Luis Miguel updated for the generation of bilingual millenials, De La Torre brings “No Te Entiendo” to life in a video performance directed by Latin Grammy nominated hip-hop artist X Alfonso.

Anthony De la Torre grew up in Bowling Green, Ohio, in a household with rice and beans on the table and telenovelas on the TV. Encouraged by his older brother and sister to sing, he started competing in talent compositions in sixth grade.

“Spanish is such a beautiful language and I want my music to be in Spanish,” De la Torre says. “I grew up in an American city, but my house was Latin. There was a lot of Cuban pride in my house growing up. I can’t speak perfect Spanish, but I knew from day one that if I was going to do my own music it had to be in Spanish.”

De La Torre’s first job was helping his mother, a Spanish teacher who owns a cleaning business. Anthony often spent nights cleaning the halls of his school.

For fun, the self-described “clown” started posted videos of his Spanish versions of Justin Bieber hits on YouTube – videos in which his voice, idol looks and expressive personality caught the eye of renowned songwriter and producer Desmond Child.

De la Torre had approached Child, who launched Ricky Martin to superstardom as a solo artist. “I was sending him videos every couple of weeks of me singing,” De la Torre recalls.

But when De La Torre got the much anticipated call, it was not about his music

“He asked me if I’d be willing to take this girl to her prom,” De La Torre recalls.  “I agreed because it was my way of getting my foot in the door. The girl was really cool.” The prom date in Nashville, a favor for a friend of Child’s was a success for everyone invovled. For De la Torre, it kicked off a working relationship with the producer.  He subsequently signed a deal with Child and Debbie Ohanian’s company So Success Entertainment

De La Torre is currently in the studio completing his debut album, recording songs that expand the definition of Latin pop.





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