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The RMF Tau Collection was born out of the admiration that Dominika Pstrosova has for the work that Ricky Martin along with his non profit organization The Ricky Martin Foundation do in the areas of child exploitation. As a young girl Dominika left her country with the hopes of becoming a model the scout and agency that approached her were legitimate, but many other girls who dream of having a modeling career meet a different fate, unfortunately the outcome is not a happy one, and many are rapped, abused, and enslaved.

With the DP Tau Bracelet we want to continue to empower children along the world, we would like this bracelet to symbolize hope, a ray of light for this world crisis of child exploitation.

The DP Tau Piece is made of natural Onyx a stone associated with strength, stamina, courage and protection. It holds a gold filled Tau piece a symbol of hope for children in need.

With each piece that is purchase you will be helping the Ricky Martin Foundation continue its work on behalf of children worldwide, and thus more children will be saved, a goal, a dream that DomInika will bring from a wish into reality.



To purchase the TAU bracelet:




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