MIKEY DELEASA (Latin press)



Deleasa is currently on tour with the Jonas Brothers performing for thousands of fans across Latin and South America.  The lead singer, Mikey Deleasa, is most recently known for his guest appearances on the hit E! reality TV show Married to Jonas (Ryan Seacrest is the Executive Producer) and he has been making his mark on the music scene as a singer, songwriter and musician. Deleasa began his music career at a young age, experimenting & developing his sound while performing and traveling with a band while still in school. After working with some of the top writers, producers and musicians in the industry; CJ Abraham (Victoria Justice, Drake Bell) Ricky Peterson (Prince, James Taylor, John Mayer) and Paul Peterson (Gavin DeGraw, Steve Miller band), Deleasa is now gearing up for his first release while keeping busy playing shows across the US, Mexico and South America.  

Deleasa has also opened for Olly Murs, Nick Jonas & the Administration, Action Item, Lawson, Midnight Red, Boyce Avenue, Ryan Cabrera and many more.  


Deleasa fans will have the incredible opportunity to hear his first single "Too Damn Beautiful" when the new season of Married to Jonas starts airing.  While currently shooting new episodes for the show, the camera crew captured Deleasa playing this new song 

for Nick Jonas in the recording studio as well as performing it live with his band to a sold-out crowd in New York City.  The camera crew will also be shooting his live concert performance again in Santiago, Chile next week while opening for the Jonas Brothers there.  Deleasa is continuing to build a strong fan base on his social networking platforms via his Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages. His fans are able to relate and connect to the young 24 year old musician with his creative lyrics and distinctive sound.


“The best thing about being a musician is experimenting and learning what my sound can become. Being able to tell a story or share a thought that others can relate to is an incredible feeling. My overall goal is to leave people feeling great.” – Mikey Deleasa


For more information and upcoming dates, visit https://twitter.com/MikeyDeleasa and www.Deleasa.com.




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