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Hitting the scene with the force of a hurricane, Ingrid Macher has one goal: to change lives. Well, you can consider that goal accomplished, because this Miami mother of two has become the new face of the growing Hispanic diet and exercise movement.  By combining infectious positivity with practical advice, Ingrid has developed quite a following while spreading her message of healthy living. She has almost 90,000 loyal fans on Facebook, with 43,000 more anxiously awaiting her next Tweet.

Her qualifications are unquestionable. Ingrid is a certified holistic health coach, personal trainer, wellness author, and fitness motivator. But what makes her really stand out is her down-to-earth personality. Ingrid is real. She doesn’t just preach the virtues of active exercise, healthy eating habits, and an optimistic attitude. She lives it. Her genuine enthusiasm has made her a star in a market starving for a hero they can relate to.

Ingrid’s path to becoming a symbol of health and fitness wasn’t exactly a smooth ride. She was born in Bogota, Colombia, a country known for its rich customs and love of food. It’s a love Ingrid is all too familiar with. She says, “I come from a family where all the women struggle with their weight. Being overweight and even obese is in our genetics. We have to fight hard to keep off the extra pounds. So far, I’ve been the only one to overcome that challenge.”

In 1992, a determined 19-year-old Ingrid left for Puerto Rico, to study at the University of the Sacred Heart. “Bogota is beautiful, but cold. I always wanted to live near the beach. I love the sun, so at the time, Puerto Rico seemed like the ideal place for me.” While living with her sister, Ingrid studied Communications. But the move wasn’t the only change in her life. She also got married and gave birth to her first child, a beautiful baby girl she named Paula.

Just as she was finding comfort in her new surroundings, her life changed again. Her plans of taking her studies further were disrupted by a divorce. Ingrid wanted the best for her young daughter and knew that another change had to be made. She needed to provide for her, so moved to Miami, in search of better opportunities.

But those opportunities never came to fruition. In her own words, Ingrid recalls, “When you come to America as a professional, sometimes you think things will be easier. But once here you realize that it is not and you must find a way to survive somehow. I spent seven years working as a single mother in various activities, while working two jobs, seven days a week."

Yet despite the rough start, Ingrid’s move worked out for the best. On one of her buildings’ elevators, she met young entrepreneur Jeff Macher, a man she proudly calls the love of her life.  One month later, they were dating. Three months later, they were engaged. Before then, Ingrid’s job required her to stay fit, tanned and slim. But after the honeymoon, that responsibility was removed. Ingrid recalls, "We moved to Las Vegas to start our family. There we bought a house and I spent several years living the life that I never could before. I stopped working. We traveled the world, indulging in all types of food. "

The young couple’s financial success didn’t come without consequences. Their eating habits caught up to them. Ingrid found herself over fifty pounds overweight. That extra weight didn’t come alone. She was also starting to develop health problems like asthma. But with the birth of her second daughter, Mia, her body wasn’t her priority.

Then came the nationwide financial crisis. The economy dried up and just like that, the couple’s fortune was gone. They moved to Miami for a fresh start. After the move, Ingrid got a wake-up call. Her friends and people who knew her were shocked at her new appearance. They were used to looking slim and fit, so the extra weight was surprising.

Once again surrounded by all these beach bodies, Ingrid was determined to lose weight. She tried dozens of ways, with no success. But she never gave up. She knew that to succeed, she needed to find what really worked, not just rely on other people’s advice. She had to come up with a plan she could stick to. During her search, she had a revelation. She came across a study conducted at Harvard University that found a strong correlation between weight loss and a positive mindset. Ingrid knew this was breakthrough information. Nobody else was talking about it. It formed the basis of her entire weight loss plan.

Ingrid came up with nine secrets to losing weight, developing a positive mindset that allowed her to build momentum. She changed her eating habits. She began to exercise. Three months later, she had lost all fifty pounds she had put on (and the accompanying health problems). She looked and felt better than ever before.

Ingrid shared her secrets with her husband Jeff, transforming his life as well. She recalls, “Jeff was drinking too much coffee and energy drinks. He depended on them for energy and concentration. He applied my weight loss methods with stunning results. He lost 28 pounds, and his concentration, energy and sexual vitality sky rocketed!.”

While she was excited by her own results, helping others is her true passion. Once she saw Jeff’s changes, she knew she had found her life’s calling. She decided to become certified as a personal trainer and holistic health coach. Fueled by genuine enthusiasm, she now had the expertise to help her friends take control of their bodies and lives. It started as a hobby, but news of their success had spread and suddenly there was incredible demand for her help. Her passion led to Ingrid becoming an entrepreneur, just like her husband.

She never looked back. Today, Ingrid Macher is one of the most influential experts in the diet and fitness world. Her message is spread across dozens of websites and magazines, in both English and Spanish. Her advice reaches thousands and thousands of people, motivating them to finally make their dreams become reality. Between her website, written work, social media accounts and private consultations at her Florida office, Ingrid is impacting lives each and every day.

Ingrid knows the challenges people feel when trying to lose weight. She knows how confusing it can be to not know what to do. She was determined to end that confusion and provide people with answers they can count on. She recently created the most innovative fat loss solution ever available to the public. It’s a revolutionary program where she shares all her secrets on nutrition, motivation, and exercise. It’s an electronic book (or e-book) available for instant download on PCs, tablets and mobile phones. It has been designed to get people in the best shape of their lives, in only 21 days. It’s a comprehensive health-focused program, packed with delicious meal ideas and detailed videos that finally make becoming slim and sexy… simple, quick and easy.





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