Innovation is the distinctive mark of the The K-NARIAS duet, made up of Spanish twins Gara and Loyda. They are the first exponents of the reggaeton genre in their native country, with a refreshing approach that is suitable for all ages and nationalities.

The K-NARIAS name comes from their place of origin: the Añaza neighborhood in Santa Cruz of Tenerife, in the Canary Islands in Spain. Also, they were called, by everybody around them, "the canarias girl" since they were very young.

Ever since they were young girls, Gara and Loyda decided to make music their profession. At 12 years of age they began taking dance, singing and guitar lessons. As soon as they reach the lawful age to work, they worked as backup dancers with renowned artists in their region , until they were invited to participate in the festival called "Reggaetuning 2004" in November 2004. In this festival they saw, for the first time, the Puerto Rican reggaeton artist Don Omar, who inspired them to focus on the reggaeton genre. During the same event, the producers Carlos Zerolo and Folfo Camacho detected their great talent and invited them to audition in Madrid with the producers of Don Omar, Eliel and Mario Rivera.

Since then, success has been following them around. After only a few months, the beautiful 20 year-old artists were already in Puerto Rico recording their first production titled "40 entre las dos," with producers such as Luny Tunes, Noriega and Master Chris, amongst others.

Gara and Loyda decided to concentrate on the reggaeton genre because ever since that rhythm arrived in Spain they understood that it was a different one. "We identify with reggaeton because we are humble girls and this genre comes from the people that have had to strive a lot to attain their goals. It is also good for dancing, and we dominate that discipline very well. In addition, reggaeton lends itself to be fusioned, and that is exactly what we did. Our songs are mixed with "salsa" and "meringue," which is why our music is a different product," comments Gara.

Meanwhile, the lyrics of their songs are about experiences and situations that young people can relate to in any part of the world. "We us a vocabulary that is real and direct, but never vulgar or offensive," adds Loyda. Based on that, their listeners include a very ample group of people, from kids, girls and boys, to adolescents and young adults. Before finishing-up their first album, they performed at a sold-out concert in "Los Majuelos" auditorium in Tenerife in front of 7,000 people. At the beginning of 2006 the twins earned their first "Gold CD" in Spain for sales of 40,000 copies in the Canary Islands. The album was released in the Spanish peninsula in the summer of 2006, positioning itself #1 in the charts after only a few weeks. At the same time, they were invited to the prestigious "Donaunnsetfest" in Vienna, Austria where they shard the stage with well-known European artists.

To add to their success, K-NARIAS signed a contract with the renowned record label and distribution company Urban Box Office (UBO), which will release their album internationally by the end of this year.

The duet is also very supportive of social causes, and recently released a public service TV ad, with footage of their recent music video, in which the lyrics were changed to transmit a message supporting the eradication of abuse against women.

K-NARIAS has achieved success quickly, but with many sacrifices. Gara and Loyda, two of five siblings, grew up in one of the most humble and problematic areas of Tenerife, which made their childhood and adolescence very difficult. They went through great efforts in order to learn and develop themselves within the music world, which in turn made them mature faster and appreciate the real value of success.

In addition, their parents love for music and the full support they received from them were essential in motivating them to seriously continue with their intentions to succeed.

The sisters, who describe themselves as laid-back homebodies, reside in Tenerife with their mother, but plan to spend more time in New York and Puerto Rico in order to fulfill their professional obligations in America once the album is released.

The K-NARIAS short-term plans are to begin working on a second album, launch a clothing line and their own dolls, and publish their biographies, since at their young age they have innumerable stories to tell. They would like for their experiences to serve as examples to young people who would like to have their dreams come true.


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