The music of Ignacio Peña represents a new Hispanic generation. A generation exposed to the best music of North America and Europe. Countries like London and Buenos Aires, internationally recognized artists like the Beatles and Luis Miguel and renown music groups like Pink Floyd. Not to mention singer-songwriters Charly Garcia, Bryan Adams and Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, this timid little boy escalated in his preparation as a musician while attending school. His musical beginnings were due to an accident in which he dislocated his shoulder while playing baseball. As a result, he abandoned the sport and immediately focused his attention on music. If such events happened otherwise, Ignacio would not have attended Berklee.

As a student he majored in musical productions and also experienced various multicultural experiences beneficial to his career. After many attempts of trying to sign with recording companies, Ignacio met his would-be manager in a famous recording studio. There, he was given the opportunity to share his talented work, astonishing many.

This resulted in the musical production of Ignacio's first album, produced by Pablo Manavello, one of the music industries well-respected and recognized producers. This production was also overseen by top music engineer, Iker Gastamiza (Ricardo Montaner, Tempano) and also by mixing engineer, Bob St. John (Collective Soul, Extreme, Duran Duran).

EL MUNDO AL REVES (The World Upside Down) was recorded in Miami and Nashville, debuting some of today’s finest musicians. Because of its impeccable production and the luxurious details found within each song, one can easily gain the admiration for such talented work.

Becoming an object of wonder and esteem has taken Ignacio on the road to share his music with many throughout North and South America. Early last year he had the opportunity to share the stage with the British group OASIS, and the legendary NEIL YOUNG at the Buenos Aires Hot Festival in Argentina. Shortly after, Ignacio performed at the Caracas Pop Festival in Venezuela where he opened up for COLLECTIVE SOUL and once again, OASIS. Ignacio was then invited as the special guest in Latin singer/songwriter, RICARDO ARJONA's concert tour where he performed in San Jose and Los Angeles, California and Miami, Florida. But Ignacio's proudest moment was when he opened up for his idol ERIC CLAPTON in Venezuela. Other artists that Ignacio shared the stage with include the beautiful and talented LAURA PAUSINI; and Chile's alternative rock group, LA LEY.

Due to the success of his many performances, Ignacio has been invited to and appeared on entertainment shows for the top two Latin networks, Univision and Telemundo. His work has won him much recognition and respect in the music and entertainment industry. Ignacio received the award PREMIO PAOLI in Puerto Rico for Best National Rock Artist. He also received the AMERICAN GRAPHIC DESIGN AWARD 2001, for Best Album Cover.

The itinerary of songs begins with EN ESPAÑOL- initiating with a rock-like mid-tempo beat in which a comical manifesto about the existing love for ones language is spoken about. The second song listed, 75% DE AGUA, is the albums first single. An amazing guitar ensemble played by Jerry Douglas accompanies the lyrics, referring to a summer love. RETRATO DE LA LUNA is a beautiful ballad with "Beatle" like influences. Traditionally written by the Fabulosos Cuatro, El MUNDO AL REVES is a conjugation of eleven songs whose individual richness in colors allows the formation of an incredible conceptual spectrum.

"PUERTOS was a song I wrote while waiting patiently in Miami International Airport. I was traveling from Tampa to Puerto Rico and unfortunately I missed my connecting flight. I had to wait for the next flight out, which was scheduled for the day after. I was stranded at the airport with no money, nothing. I didn't eat for 20 hours or speak to anybody. As I waited, I observed my surroundings, discovering various attitudes amongst the crowds. The reuniting of family members bringing forth happiness as opposed to those loved ones departing... the cries and laughter's of those involved, such circumstances are spoken about in this song," Ignacio states.

"EL FONGO ESTELAR is my opinion, as an observer, about the televised commercial ads one sees that are related to psychic hotlines. I find no sense in these, why would I want to know what my future holds? This song conveys a message to all those who convert the destiny of others to a fongo estelar. Fongo, meaning the union of the word mushroom and fungi, which mean the same, the only difference being that one is in Spanish and the other in English," says Ignacio. Within this song, the audience will encounter incredible orchestral sounds directed by Ed Calle, who you'll also hear playing the saxophone.

Ignacio also proclaims, "I never criticize, but only comment on certain music related issues. I don't like to protest against others works. Why? Because the majority of times, I have seen singer-songwriters who as a result of manifesting against such criticized works, later become involved in what they despise most." One must also take into consideration the title of this work, being EL MUNDO AL REVES, where Ignacio allows all things in it, to become out of context in a transgressed way. "Instead of us using our brains to think, we must use our feet, but I think that this idea will not emerge," as he sings in his song. Other valuables jewel songs that are incorporated within the album are SIN VENCER, MIENTRAS ESPERO EL FIN DEL MUNDO and also a heart-warming lullaby entitled DUERMETE, accompanied by a magical string quartet. Ignacio Peña undoubtedly believes that music speaks for itself.

He affirms that although his album may have been one of the best works produced within Contemporary Latin Music, he will always be given the opportunity to defend his songs solely using only his guitar. For now, the things that interest him most are singing his pop songs and sharing his ideas with others who perhaps feel the same way he does. Those who ask themselves the why of things and think that EL MUNDO ESTA AL REVES (the world is upside down.)

You can get more information on Ignacio by visiting his website at www.ignaciopena.com.


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