REINALDO ZAVARCE, best known as “Peche” to his fans, is a Venezuelan actor, musician, (US) college soccer scholarship athlete and semi-professional paint-baller, with a drop-dead gorgeous gaze and an absolutely wicked sense of humor. He’s been seen in a number of Venezuela’s top RCTV televonelas (“Mujer con Pantalones,” “Te Tengo en Salsa,” “Amantes,” and “Toda una dama”) but he is perhaps best known for his starring role as Alex in the hit Nickelodeon Latin America /Sony Pictures Television teen drama series “Isa TKM” and “Isa TK+”.

Recently transplanted from Caracas and Bogata to Miami, FL in order to be with girlfriend Maria Gabriela de Faria (and their rescue dog Leia), Peche has been busy meeting with US film and television casting directors and on March 31, 2012 will be host of the US Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards segments for Nickelodeon Latin America (in Spanish and Portuguese). An EP for “my fun side project, PANORAMA EXPRESS” releases April 3, 2012 and he is currently working with a range of award-winning producers on his first solo record.


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