Maria Conchita Alonso English Version Biography

Maria Conchita Alonso is without a doubt a Latin artist that has contributed enormously to the entertainment industry in the United States, as well as all Spanish speaking nations. It could be said that she opened doors for the new generation of Hispanic artists that are now finding success in North America.

Born in Cuba and raised in Venezuela, Maria Conchita is 100% Latina. Her talent, beauty and charisma make her magical. At an early age she knew that she wanted to be a performer. Her career started when she was crowned "Miss Teenager of Venezuela", then "Miss Teenager of the World", soon after she was "Miss Venezuela" in the "Miss World" beauty pageant. Maria Conchita became one of the top models of her time. She then conquered the hearts of millions of viewers in the Hispanic world, participating and starring in more than 11 soap operas and movies. It was obvious, that her next step was Hollywood. Shortly after her arrival to the United States, Maria Conchita co- starred in "Moscow on the Hudson" with Robin Williams, from that moment on her career as an actress gained her starring roles next to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sean Penn, Nicolas Cage and Jeremy Irons among others. She has acted in more then 50 films.

For all her accomplishments and efforts in a challenging American market, she was honored with the "Hispanic Woman of the Year Award", Golden Globe Awards and the ALMA Award for "Best Actress". Among many nominations that Maria Conchita has received, she was given an "Independent Spirit Award", as "Best Actress" for her role in the movie "Caught", which also featured Edward James Olmos.

Recently, Maria Conchita shot the feature film "English as a Second Language" with Kuno Becker, it will soon be released. She also just filmed "El Muerto" with Wilmer Valderrama (from "That 70's Show") an English speaking love story/thriller. She's now shooting the comedy "Material Girls" with Hilary and Hayley Duff, also starring Anjelica Huston. Two young spoiled girls loose it all, only to learn what's important in life.

The small screen also enjoys her talents as she participates in numerous series, mini- series and films, for networks such as NBC, HBO, ABC, SHOWTIME, CBS and many others.

Maria Conchita's music was recognized worldwide by the music industry when 5 of her albums went Gold (one was a Double Gold) and one went Platinum. With her warm personality and electric performances, her records are still selling in Mexico and Latin America. Her success as a singer/ songwriter has manifested and placed her on top of international hit parades. Multiple number 1 albums, platinum and gold records sales, contributed to her nominations for the GRAMMY awards in: "Best Latin Artist" for her album "Maria Conchita", "Best Latin Performance" for her single "Otra Mentira Mas" and "Best Latin Pop Album" for "Imaginame", in which she is co- author of 7 songs. Maria Conchita also performed and co- wrote "Vamos a Bailar" for the movie "Scarface" with Al Pacino.

The newest released CD of Maria Conchita's is "Soy" a Special Edition, which has just been launched on her new label she created called, Ambar Entertainment. "Soy" contains 7 different versions of that single, and the new ones of "Acariciame", "Noche De Copas" and "La Loca". "Soy" is a pop/dance tune.

Due to her triple threat and dynamic career, she was the first Latina not born in the United States to star on Broadway in "The Kiss of the Spider Woman". In Los Angeles' she appeared in Neil Simon's adaptation of "The Odd Couple" and she toured with "The Vagina Monologues", through various North American cities.

Maria Conchita was just honored with the "Key to the City of Las Vegas", the first Latina to ever receive the Key to Las Vegas.

As a humanitarian citizen of the world Maria Conchita is the Vice President of Global Medical Relief Fund (


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