Laura was one onf the Hispanic beauty experts invited to participate in the panel ¨Beauty in Spanish¨, as part of the annual event took place in Los Angeles and was organized by Ipsy's founder Michelle Phan, one of the most famous beauty and make-up vloggers

Miami, Fla. (June 2, 2015)Laura Sanchez, a Colombian well-known makeup artist based in Los Angeles - admired and followed by over 300k fans in YouTube, +137k in Instagram, and +150 in Facebook- was one of the beauty experts invited to attend one of the panels of the event Generation Beauty organized by Michelle Phan, well-known beauty and make-up vlogger and founder of the successful website and online community Ipsy. The event took place in Los Angeles from May 29th to 31st.
Laura was part of the well-known group of Hispanic experts of the panel ¨Beauty in Spanish¨, along with the bloggers Jackie Hernandez, Rosy McMichael and Ale Ayala. The event brought together in a fun ambience hundreds of fans, beauty gurus and the top beauty brands in the market.  Laura shared her beauty and make-up tricks with the attendants and responded questions to the audience which was delighted with her knowledge and charisma.
Generation Beauty is a 3 days beauty event created by Ipsy's founder Michelle Phan, for all the gurus, digital influencers and beauty lovers to network, attend workshops, and know about beauty products and trends directly from top brands and experts. Ipsy, the event's organizer, is a digital community created by the top beauty vlogger Michelle Phan, that provides a platform where the members can learn new beauty tricks, participate with well-known stylists in monthly looks, and connect with other ipsters.
Laura captivated the audience of Ipsy's annual event, and consolidated herself as one of the most important beauty and make-up Latin digital influencers and trendsetters, establishing a new vision through her own style transformations, followed by over 16 million people who have tuned into her YouTube channel.

Laura was recently designated as one of the beauty experts and commentators for the Latin Billboard Music Award 2015, sharing with the digital fans of Telemundo's platforms the beauty and make-up trends seen through the red carpet. Laura was also part of the makeup team of the super pop star Meghan Trainor, for her recently launched music video Lips Are Movin.  


At her young age (23) Laura has been able to parlayed her unique talent and social media abilities by joining forces with various international beauty brands in Colombia including Kiehl's, Revlon and Falabella, one of the largest department stores in South America.  She also offers beauty and makeup tutorials for the bilingual fashion portal, as well as for Huffington Post Voces and MIMI Chatters. In 2014, she was selected as one of the top influencers and collaborators for HP Bend The Rules, ATT #NightOfMyLife at Latin Grammys, and Coca-Cola's Brazil World Cup campaigns. 


Laura's endless creativity, professionalism and charisma has positioned herself as a digital celebrity, winning the  "King of The Web" award in the beauty and style category and being selected as one of the top 5 Latin beauty vloggers by Seventeen magazine in Spanish. 


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