A new musical talent, De La Torre, looms big on the horizon!


Hit-maker Desmond Child produces De La Torre’s debut album, NOSOTROS

  De La Torre’s first single, No Te Entiendo, has garnered close to 28,000 views on YouTube

With a unique style and impressive vocal prowess, De La Torre is set to become the next big voice in Latin Music


Miami, Fla. (Sept. 9, 2013) – It is not every day that hit-maker Desmond Child signs a new artist. Having worked with some of the biggest entertainers in both the Anglo and Latin music industry, from Bon Jovi to Aerosmith to Ricky Martin, Child knows real talent when he hears it.

And in De La Torre, he has found the next big voice in Latin Music.

Originally from Bowling Green, Ohio, the Cuban-American De La Torre has been putting the finishing touches on his debut album, NOSOTROS. He is also collaborating with Rock Mafia, Gary Go, Jodi Marr and renowned Argentine songwriter/producer Claudia Brant (Santana, Il Divo).

Already a first single has been released, the haunting piano ballad No Te Entiendo, available on iTunes, CD Baby, and all digital music stores.

No Te Entiendo was co-written by De La Torre with Descemer Bueno (Enrique Iglesias & Juan Luis Guerra’s Cuando Me Enamoro), and songwriter/producer Michelle Fragoso, also has a video, directed in Havana by Cuban urban music legend, X Alfonso which has already garnered over 28,000 views on YouTube.

Recently, De La Torre embarked on a promotional tour of South Florida, where he attended Telemundo TV network’s Premios Tu Mundo Awards and was interviewed by numerous media outlets.

De La Torre has been preparing himself for stardom since he was very young, when he showed outstanding musical abilities. At age 12, he voiced an episode of the popular animated Nickelodeon TV series Go, Diego, Go! Later on, his own videos and performances on YouTube caught the attention of Desmond Child and Latin music promoter Debbie Ohanian, who signed him to their new artist development and management company SO SUCCESS ENTERTAINMENT.

De La Torre is a refreshing and innovative artist in a field clamoring for new talents, and with his debut album, NOSOTROS, De La Torre has arrived.


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