The certified personal trainer and holistic health expert breaks the traditional mold for losing weight. BURN20 CHALLENGE proves it by helping five different personalities lose 140 pounds.

Miami, Fl (April 13, 2012) Ingrid Macher is revolutionizing the world of health and lifestyle with an entirely new system, created by Ingrid and based on a rigorous study conducted in Harvard University. The system helps both men and women to find the right mindset that makes it simple and fun to lose weight and get healthy, without counting calories, no endless cardio, and no guilt.  The certified trainer and holistic health expert has about 68,000 followers on Facebook and 31,600 on Twitter and is dramatically changing fitness with an approach that fuses mindset, nutrition, and physical activity.

Ingrid’s secret lies in the method that she found during her own personal voyage. “Once I found my soul mate and got married, I gained 55 pounds.  Like many other women, I didn’t have the pressure to be fit, nor did I have a job to keep me motivated, all I had to worry about was being a great mom and a happy housewife.  Diet and exercise was not a priority,” added the trainer. “After trying and failing to lose the weight with everything else, I realized I was missing the most important element to losing weight - mindset.”  Using her new “Mind-Body Merging” method, Ingrid lost 55 pounds in three months and has kept it off ever since.

Ingrid Macher’s system is based on a study conducted by Professor Ellen Langer of Harvard University that demonstrated that approaching a goal of weigh loss with the right mindset leads to better results, not only in terms of weight loss, but also by reducing blood pressure, loss of fat percentage, normalizing the waist to hip ratio and stabilizing the overall BMI.

The success she obtained on a personal level motivated Ingrid to share it with her friends and family with so much further success that she decided to expand it even more. By using all available communication platforms, Ingrid Macher reaches thousands of people with whom she shares her innovative method. Information and a free eBook are available on the websites   and  “9 Simple Secrets I Used to Melt Away 50 Pounds!”  Available in English and Spanish.

The transformation stories, thanks to Ingrid Macher’s method are impressive, with about 30 pounds per person. These changes not only mark a difference on a physical level, but also in self-esteem, energy, attitude about life and improved overall health.  The health and fitness guru decided to launch the BURN20 CHALLENGE, asking five different participants from different walks of life to join her in the challenge. The result is a whopping 140 pounds lost, including the famous Cuban-American actor René Laván, who distanced himself from the industry because of his weight gain. “In just 3 months, Rene lost more than 40 pounds and is ready to start his career again,” said Ingrid.

In May, Ingrid Macher will be launching a complete weight loss program that will teach people how to lose weight and have fun doing it!

“My own story is my motivation. I know that if I educate people how to approach their weight loss with the right mindset and making small changes in their eating and activity habits, they can accomplish their goals and change their lives forever,” she added.

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