With a list of the 24 nominees, the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame was officially launched



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With a list of the 24 nominees, the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame was officially launched


(Desmond Child, Paul Lehr executive director of Young Arts Foundation, philanthropist Lin Arison, and Rudy Perez - photo credit Yachin Parham)


Photo credit - Yachin Parham )


(Official proclamation from the city of Miami - Desmond Child, Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado, Rudy Pérez - credit AR Entertainment)


The ceremony took place in the emblematic Bacardi building in Miami, in a ceremony that was filled with admiration and respect for all those who have created such great music.


Miami, FL (December 12, 2012)  Miami’s historic Bacardi building, currently home of the National Young Arts Foundation, was the perfect setting for the official launching of the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame (LSHOF), which was established by renowned producers and composers Desmond Child and Rudy Pérez, and also for the presentation of the list of the first nominees for La Musa (The Muse) award. Attending the event were distinguished figures like Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernández Rundle, artists such as Luis Enrique, X Alfonso and Concha Buika, composers, producers, and other members of the music industry, as well as the main media outlets.

Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado presented the official proclamation of the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame to founders Desmond Child and Rudy Pérez, who had been dreaming of such a project for the past 16 years. “I was impressed by the media’s response to the launching of the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame… This is what will carry us forward to recognize and honor Latin music’s greatest composers and writers, and will encourage future generations to reach those same heights,” said Desmond Child, LSHOF’s executive director. “I am deeply grateful for the support and welcome that Mayor Tomás Regalado and the city of Miami have extended to us. It is also a great honor for us and for this project to have the sponsorship of such outstanding philanthropists as Lin Arison and Sandra Muss, as well as Paul Lehr of the Young Artists Foundation. The Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame is a very important and significant entity, not only as way to honor our great Latin composers, but also to help us preserve and protect our Hispanic culture,” said Rudy Pérez, LSHOF’s president.

One of the most moving moments took place when Olga María Touzet Guillot, vice president of the Nominating Committee of the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame, highlighted the value of the great Latin American musical compositions and their power to transcend borders. In a poetic speech, she remembered many composers that have become true ambassadors, those who are responsible for emphasizing the value and the importance of being a Latino, thanks to the magic of their musical creations.

Singers Luis Enrique, Lisette Gonzáles, X Alfonso and Concha Buika were in charge of announcing the list of the 24 nominated composers for the first La Musa award.  The award statuet was originally sculptured by Floridian artist Lee Burnham in 1954, and redesigned by Nashville artist Alan LeQuire. The names of the five winners of the award will be made public on January 28, and they will be honored during the first gala of the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame in Miami on April 23.

The Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame was established with the purpose of honoring the greatest Latino composers of all time, of paying tribute to those who have delighted the world with these classic songs, and of inspiring, encouraging, and motivating new generations of songwriters so that they can continue creating Latin music that may cross borders and touch souls.


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