JOAQUÍN CORTÉS poised to receive the keys to the city of Miami

JOAQUÍN CORTÉS poised to receive the keys to the

city of Miami. 

The distinctive recognition ensues the acclaimed tour "Cale" throughout South America for the king of of"tablao."

The dancer shall have the distinct honor of receiving the keys to the city from the mayor of Miami, Tomás Regalado, on November 9th.


Miami, Fl. (November  3, 2011)  Joaquín Cortés launches his much-anticipated tour, CALÉ, throughout South America with the receipt of the keys to the city of Miami on Wednesday, November 9th.

The mayor of the city known as Latin America's cultural "capital," Tomás Regalado, shall bestow the important recognition that highlights the iconic dancer's contribution to art. The ceremony shall take place in the office of Miami’s top “chief at 10 am. The event marks the beginning of the magnificent tour of the dancer, choreographer and creative director who celebrated a career spanning three decades this year.   

Joaquín Cortés is poised to perform his highly acclaimed show CALÉ at James L. Knight Center in the heart of Downtown Miami on November 12th. The famous “Bad Boy of ‘Tablao’” shall demonstrate the essence of the Gitano art he has evolved professionally, which has circumvented the world and elevated Gitano culture and Flamenco.

CALÉ, which means “Gypsy” in Romani, brings together the best of the six performances the artist previously had: Cibayi, Pasión Gitana, Soul, Live, Amor Y Odio, and Mi Soledad. 29 people, including technicians, musicians and dancers, breath live into this breathtaking show that depicts Joaquín’s deepest emotions on stage. CALÉ transcends the traditional notion of show with an experience that fuses sounds, dance and a supernatural stage all while projecting impressive images in a careful dance between technology and emotions; the Vanguard-like performances have coined the dancer’s unique style. This magnifying show has captured audiences in diverse territories, from Mexico to the United Arab Emirates.

This year has been particularly poignant in the dancer’s career with a year filled with activities that reflect his versatility, such as his role as the Hispanic ambassador during Milan’s fashion week. His elegance, exquisite style and sensuality led to his selection among a select group of celebrities to become a part of MAN ITALY, a book of photographs capturing some of Italy’s most famous fashion designs. Italy’s MEN VOGUE Magazine dedicated an extensive eight-page spread to the extraordinary dancer, while other magazines coined him as a fashion icon. Joaquín Cortés also participated in the Hispanic Heritage Awards in Washington DC. Moreover, the prestigious “Premios Luna” from Mexico and the “Medalla de las Artes” from Spain among others also recognized his ingenious talent in this monumental year. The artist completed a series of presentations at the Haagen Dazs Theater in Madrid and the Nuevo Alcala Theater with his masterpiece CALÉ, which captures the very magical and innovative essence of his 30-year-career as a dancer and 20-year-career as a creative choreographer. 


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